LUCKY Life Planner

The LUCKY Life Planner is a goal-setting system that helps improve life balance and keep your daily schedule aligned with your priorities.

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Life balance can be a challenge to anyone. Some of us tend to focus on work at the expense of other important life areas like relationships and self-care. Others never get around to pursuing our professional goals because we don't keep them in sight and don't plan effectively.

Most agenda planners are a missed opportunity: they help you schedule events and tasks, but don't keep in sight the bigger picture of your life. They also lack accountability and tracking tools. With the Life Planner I aimed to solve these problems.

Content Sections:

The Goal Setter helps you think through the larger picture of your life, compartmentalize it into areas, set goals, prioritize, chunk down large goals into smaller steps, and lay out your plan in a yearly timeline.

The Agenda Planner offers yearly, monthly, and weekly planning pages. It integrates tools to manage your daily focus, track important metrics, and build healthy habits. The Quarterly and Annual Reviews help track your progress.

The Life Tools section provides worksheets that help you deal with common life challenges, such as the Habit Builder, Decision Maker, Creativity Booster, Self-Inventory, Financial Tracker, etc.

Visual Style:

I wanted to create a planner that would appeal to men and women alike, and would focus on productivity. However, decoration is highly valued in the planning community. Therefore I created two versions of the cover - one that's more decorative, and one that's simpler. 

I kept the internal design of both versions optimized for efficiency rather than decoration. At every page I prioritized maximizing comprehension/usability. Considering users often color-code events in their planners, I decided to use to a monochromatic black&white scheme, so their writing can stand out. Also, I wanted to make it easy for users to quickly figure out what they're looking at as they page through and look for specific sections. So I used a spectrum of shading, and differently structured (yet consistently styled) pages/sections.

The planner has been in publication for five consecutive years, during which it evolved significantly in design and construction, based on in-depth usability research and user feedback.

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